Whether you’re a marketer or not, chances are you’ve heard of the various methods for generating traffic to your website. There’s the well-known PPC or pay per click marketing, there’s video and other types of media marketing, and there’s also search engine optimization (SEO). For many companies, it’s one of the more difficult traffic avenues to use. The problem most companies have is they fail to understand exactly how to get started with SEO and how to continue seeing results.

SEO Puzzle

Just like with any online marketing avenue, having someone who knows what they’re doing is paramount to your success. Here is a quick list of reasons why many companies aren’t seeing the results they could be from their search engine marketing campaigns.

  1. Failing to work with a proven expert. So many companies work with the bottom-dollar company or consultant. This is a huge mistake. Don’t expect top-notch results if you’re working with someone who doesn’t have the experience and proven history to back it up. If you want to dominate in the search engines,  you’re going to need to work with someone who has done it before and can prove their expertise.
  2. Not having your website setup correctly. Another huge mistake many companies make is not having a website done properly. If your website isn’t setup with the necessary on-site elements, that’s mistake #1. Additionally, having a website that isn’t setup to convert is a huge mistake as well. You shouldn’t expect your visitors to want to work with you if you don’t look somewhat professional yourself, and that starts with having a great website.
  3. Lack of ongoing marketing. So many companies claim to perform SEO services with their website design. What most of these companies offer is putting in a keyword or two in your content or in the meta data. While this is the very basic foundational level of on-site SEO, it’s not effective without a bunch of other methods. Ongoing search engine marketing requires additional work, effort, and expertise.

That quick list should help you when researching for your next SEO project. Remember, if someone doesn’t have the history or results to show you they have ranked websites highly for various searches, they probably aren’t a good fit or a good company to work with. Make sure they can prove their work and back it up so you can be certain you will get what you pay for. If you are looking for someone to help you with St Charles SEO, check their rankings for that phrase.

Using the example from above, if a Saint Charles SEO company, consultant, or expert has some experience and thoughts about increasing the conversions from your website, that’s a huge plus as well. After all, not only do you need traffic to your site, but you need that traffic to turn into leads and customers for you, otherwise it’s useless!